Details of our panel sizes, profiling and quality standards can be
found in our current panelbook

Panelists are our priority

We treat panelists fairly, and every participation in the survey is rewarded – including screenouts and quotafulls if they pass quality control.

Support is always provided by a local team in the local language within 24 hours. Withdrawal limits are reasonable (min. approx. 8 EUR).

Panel members can also choose a prize from our rewards catalogue or can donate to selected charities.

Our care for panelists results in a 50-70% response rate depending on the market.

Unique recruitment and verification

You will not find robots or duplicate respondents in our data. In addition to digital fingerprint and device users, we verify the identity of each new panelist with a brief phone call. Respondents who have not gone through the verification procedure cannot join the panel.

Panel members are recruited through a wide range of online and offline channels, with approximately 30% of recruitment to date being offline.

We pay particular attention to groups that are traditionally difficult to find online to ensure the best representation of the sample in the market.

Transparency and quality

Panel management and data protection comply with GDPR, ESOMAR and SIMAR (Czech Association of Market Research Agencies) standards and guidelines.

Panelists can complete a maximum of 2 surveys per week and 45 per year, although the average is only 15 complete surveys per year.

The trust score system measures the quality of survey participants‘ responses (speeding, straight-lining, etc.).

Repeat offenders are banned from the panel.

No survey routing or river sampling.

Panelist profile

More than 170 questions and 1,600 individual data points are available for preliminary targeting of suitable research participants.


Software to manage both web and mobile panels is developed in-house.

ESP stores all its data in the EU.

Customer service

We believe that sample provisioning is not about automated systems, but about data quality and support for our clients. ESP employs local people with local knowledge in every country we operate in. Let us know if you need any advice on local research.

Quotations and project preparation are available Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm CET. Start-up projects are supported over the weekend at no extra charge.

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