About us

Our company was established in 2011 by a merger of online panels from 3 leading MR agencies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia – Nielsen Admosphere, NMS Market Research, and STEM/MARK.
We predominantly focus on the CEE region and our top priority is unmatched data quality. We exclusively use our own proprietary SW and are currently operational in 6 countries – CZ, SK, HU, PL, BG, and RO. Annually we provide over 2 million completed questionnaires in 3 000 projects.

All of our local panels are operated under one umbrella – The European National Panels.

Please meet our team members:

Tomas Říha

Interim CEO

riha @nationalpanel.eu

+420 778 541 817

Andrea Divíšková

Operations manager

diviskova @nationalpanel.eu

+420 733 122 166

Maciej Marmuszewski

Country Manager

marmuszewski @nationalpanel.eu

+48 602 420 700

Doman Péter

Country manager

peter.doman @sedoresearch.hu

+36 20 378 3928

Georgi Burlakov

Business Development

burlakov @nationalpanel.eu

+359 876 044 689