We enjoy helping!


In October, we were invited to the Meeting of Donors of People in Need in the Czech Republic. We have been supporting this organization together with our respondents for several years, especially thanks to a generous donation to help Ukraine.


You can also help by filling out questionnaires, our respondents prove it every day. Rewards obtained for completed questionnaires can be sent, among other things, to charity projects from our offer, specifically in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania.

In addition to already permanent charitable projects, we also try to react operatively to the current situation in society and help where needed. After the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, we started a fundraiser, in which not only our panelists, but also parent companies and employees immediately got involved. Within a few weeks, we sent an incredible 1 million CZK (40,560 EUR) to help Ukraine.

Charity projects are the most popular among our respondents in the Czech Republic, where, thanks to the contributions of the panelists, we managed to adopt the 12th assistance dog and finance its training until the dog is handed over to the owner, who thanks to him will get not only a partner for life, but also a necessary helper in the most difficult moments. In the Czech Republic, our respondents have the opportunity to donate to the children’s oncology department of the Bulovce Hospital, the Senorina Center, which provides care for seniors with various types of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and the Cesta domý organization, which provides long-term professional care for dying people and their loved ones. than 20 years who care for them or UNICEF.

In Slovakia, our respondents have the opportunity to contribute to the organization Dobrý anjel, to the Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired of Slovakia and to the Together with Courage foundation, which helps sick children integrate into society and enjoy their childhood as much as possible. possible without limitation. In Poland, our members have the opportunity to contribute to various projects within the zrzutka.pl portal. In Hungary, the Heima Pála Children’s Hospital Development Foundation is the most popular among the panelists, but our members also have the opportunity to contribute to the shelter for the mountain almond dog, the organization Szurkólok and Állatokért, or the children’s community Bátor Tábor – Életeket hágtunkunk. Our Bulgarian respondents can help through contributions to the Bulgarian Red Cross, an organization for children with hematological diseases, or help dogs through the organization ФОНДАЦИЯ ОЧИ НА ЧЕТИРИ ЛАПИ or by sending a contribution to UNICEF. In Romania, we offer charity projects such as Little People România, Homeless Animal Hospital and NUCA Animal Welfare.

We are very pleased to have among our members people with a huge heart who try to help those in need and who have decided to help by filling out questionnaires and getting involved in our projects. Thank you!