We are celebrating a 10-year anniversary!


ENP (formerly ČNP, SNaP) is celebrating a beautiful anniversary. Yes, some of you have already been our clients or respondents for 10 years, for  which we owe you a huge thank you.

In 2012, when ČNP was established in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, our respondents could buy a new iPhone 4S. In the same year, the Czech Republic and Slovakia also won medals at the World Hockey Championship, the Czechs finished third, the Slovaks second. In those 10 years, we managed to implement a total of 14,093 projects, 9 million questionnaires! ČNP gradually expanded beyond the borders of the former Czechoslovakia, so it was necessary to change its name, we founded European National Panels. Today we have national panels in Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria, by the end of this year we will also be in Romania.

We have great members, since the beginning you have donated CZK 3,651,040 from your rewards to charity in the Czech Republic alone. During those 10 years, thanks to you, we were able to support the training of 10 assistance dogs for disabled citizens who have been actively helping their owners for several years, we helped child patients in Prague’s Bulovka Hospital, we donated to Unicef ​​and many other charitable companies. Last but not least, our respondents showed great solidarity regarding the situation in Ukraine, together with the parent companies we contributed 41 thousand euros!


We regularly reward the most active members with a small treat as a thank you for their efforts. The year 2022 is crucial for us. We want to focus more on communication towards our panel members. Our goal is to recruit and activate new members in all countries where we operate, bring our members more interesting research from various fields and enrich the reward catalog with new interesting items. Many thanks also go to our clients who have shown us their trust for years and we will continue to do what we have been doing up until now, which is to collect quality data that brings important answers and solutions to our clients in their decision making. We thank all our members, clients and employees for their trust and support, and we wish you many interesting projects in the coming years.  Your ENP team