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Summer is slowly coming to an end and we were wondering where the members of our panels across all countries decided to spend their summer vacation this year. At first glance, it can be seen that „good everywhere, best at home“ applies in all countries.

Almost ¾ of our respondents (72%) planned to go on summer vacation this year. Most Romanians (81%), Czechs (76%) and Bulgarians (74%). On the contrary, the least Hungarians (61%) and Slovaks (65%). In each of the ENP countries, a significant part of our respondents decided to spend this year’s vacation in their country. Not surprisingly, slightly more respondents are from countries that have their own seas. 66% of Bulgarians and 62% of Romanians enjoyed their home vacation the most this year. Slovaks had the lowest interest in a domestic holiday (48%), more than half of them preferred to enjoy a holiday abroad.

This year’s summer vacation was significantly more enjoyed by people aged 30-44 (74%) and people with university education (81%).

We also wondered what the „famous clapping on the plane“ was really like. Do we clap after the plane lands or not? Is clapping on a plane the privilege of only certain nationalities? No more guesswork, the data is here.

More than ¼ of the respondents who took part in the survey never fly. Almost 2/5 admitted to us that after a successful landing of the plane they reward the crew with applause. If you hear thunderous applause on the plane, most likely Bulgarians and Slovaks are sitting on it. They are among the most enthusiastic „applause“ on the plane, this was confirmed by 53% of our respondents in Bulgaria and 45% in Slovakia. Not even 2/5 Romanians are strangers to slapping on a plane. In Poland and the Czech Republic, more than 1/3 of our panelists applauded, and Hungarians (32%) had the significantly least amount of applause. In general, significantly more women (41%) and people aged 45-59 (44%) applaud.

Eating out is an essential part of summer vacation. ON HOME HOLIDAYS, Bulgarians (56%) and Romanians (38%) use ALL INCLUSIVE catering the most, however, the lowest number was of Czechs (16%). While on foreign holidays, it is the most popular type of dining in all countries, except Hungary, where they prefer visiting local restaurants over AI (42%).

We also looked at how many of you take your holiday food supplies from home. As for domestic holidays, overall 1/3 of you take food from home, most often Romanians (40%) and Poles (36%) and least Slovaks (31%).

However, almost 1/5 of you take food supplies from home on holiday abroad. The majority are Bulgarians (23%), on the contrary, the least are Czechs (17%).

The survey was conducted among ENP respondents, Total=N11156, CZ=N4453, SK=N1388, PL=N1719, HU=1064, BG=N2012, RO=N519, respondents aged 18-59, July 2023.